If you run web design studio, small hosting biz or provide personal or business hosting services, you might be interested in tools, products and services that we use on daily basis. You should bookmark this article because we constantly updating it with useful links and service description.

DNS Tools

intodns.com: if you run own DNS or use others, it's good idea to check your domain name for any errors. Simple yet the most useful website that we use on daily basis!

Verisign Whois: place where we check if DNS IP was actually registered as host record. Please select "Name Server" then enter your name server, for example, ns1.nyhost.net. You can also check domain whois there (for .com and .net domains only).

Email Tools

MXtoolbox: website where we diagnose various issues with email deliverability: MX, rDNS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, blacklists and much more! Highly recommended!

Talos Intellegence by Cisco: email server reputation and interactive abuse map. Deliverability issues? Bounce backs? You can check your email server IP right away. If IP marked as "bad", spamming event is in progress and you should contact us ASAP.