Dear Friends,

Last year cPanel announced another price increase affective January 1st, 2023. Beginning with your May 2023 invoice, will be automatically updating your cPanel licenses price. We do not take pleasure in this announcement as these increases are set by cPanel and outside of our control. We do not make any profit on cPanel licenses.

Please keep in mind that we (cPanel partner) will continue to provide licenses and cPanel based hosting. If you have dedicated server with us, cPanel license is free of charge. If you have Private Reseller account, cPanel license is also free.

New cPanel prices (affective date: May 1st, 2023).

cPanel Cloud licenses (for VPS servers):

cPanel Admin Cloud (WHM + 5 separate cPanel accounts): $15.95 per month

cPanel Plus Cloud (WHM + 50 separated cPanel accounts): $32.95 per month

cPanel Dedicated (if you place an order after May 1st, 2023):

cPanel Premier Metal (WHM + 100 separated accounts): $41.95 per month

If license exceeds 100 cPanel accounts, each additional account will cost $0.22

cPanel license will remain free if you activated your server prior May 1st, 2023.

If you have any questions about cPanel pricing, please contact us at any time: