Dear NYhosters,

CentOS 7 support will officially end on June 30th 2024. This year, much ahead of time, we've started major OS upgrades. First of all, we'll upgrade DNS clusters and all VPS (Ubuntu or AlmaLinux 8 will be used). Shared, reseller and dedicated cPanel servers are currently use CloudLinux 7 Operating System. We'll upgrade them to AlmaLinux 8 or CloudLinux 8 according the schedule below.

In order to minimize downtime, we'll deploy new Dell & Supermicro servers with CloudLinux 8 then move accounts from old servers in live mode. In this case, downtime will be minimal (we expect 30 minutes of downtime per server). Fresh offsite (Nuremberg, Germany) and onsite (New York) backups will be generated prior account transfers.

All transfers, OS reloads and cPanel licenses on managed dedicated servers (customers with dedicated servers) will be FREE of charge.

Upgrade Schedule for 2023-2024:

June 2023: NYhost DNS cluster in Helsinki, Finland (ns3). Completed: 06.28.2023

October 2023: NYhost DNS cluster on West Coast (Oregon, ns2). Completed: 10.03.2023

November 2023: NYhost DNS cluster on East Coast (Virginia, ns1).

December 2023: NYhost DNS cluster in Europe (London, UK, ns4).

January 2024 - June 2024: all private reseller servers, dedicated servers and VPS/VDS.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding free server OS upgrades:

Thank you!

NYhost Support

This message was originally posted on May 9th, 2023. Recent update: October 3rd, 2023.