How to protect your email from outages and improve deliverability

Modified on Sat, 09 Apr 2022 at 08:19 PM

All web hosting packages include unlimited email services. You can send and receive email using secured POP3/SMTP or IMAP. You can also use basic webmail (type /webmail in the URL section of your browser). 

We're working hard to keep our servers online 24/7, 365 days a year. However, outages may occur. It could be a network outage (uplink to the data center), incoming DDoS attack, RBL block (spamming or malware events), hardware issues or malfunction of entire cPanel server after update.

My server isn't accessible. I need my email NOW!
We've been asked what would happen in case of server downtime. Your email is being hosted on the same cPanel server. Since we offer single MX (mail exchange) per domain name, if cPanel server stopped responding, email and webmail would be down as well. If someone send you an email, it will bounce back to sender in about 15 minutes. We call it "single point of failure".

If you wish to protect your business or personal email from possible downtime, we do recommend third party Google Email called Google Workspace. Prices aren't cheap (from $6 per email box), however, if you need to eliminate single point of failure, you must use external MX records. Google offers 5 redundant MX servers with excellent uptime, deliverability, secured data storage and smart spam filters. We've been using Google Apps for 10+ years and highly recommend it. If you use email for business, secondary MX service is a must.

Are you out of your mind?! I have already purchased web hosting services with email! I don't want to pay more especially to your competitor!
First of all, Google is our Partner. We've been using Google Apps (cloud, email, calendars, spreadsheets etc) for one good reason: reliability. Let's put it this way: you can use free Windows Defender with Windows 11, but commercial Antivirus software with firewall and other crucial features would certainly offer much better protection.

You're probably aware that we use redundant, fail-over DNS (primary and secondary DNS are being hosted in different data centers for extra redundancy). Server downtime wouldn't affect DNS and if you use external MX servers (Google Workspace or any other external email provider), you'll continue to send and receive. No data loss and no bounce-backs during server or network outage!

Our cPanel servers do support Google Workspace. You can try Google Workspace service for 14 days, free of charge. And if you need any assistance with Google MX, please contact us at any time. We offer free external MX setup and 24/7 support.

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