To ensure 100% email delivarability and improve email server reputation, doesn't allow any kind of bulk email. Newsletters, mailings lists, CCs (carbon copies) must be outsourced to third party ISP who specializes on bulk email delivery and also handle abuse issues.

Please stop email abuse by disabling comments in Joomla, Wordpress and other scripts. You should also disable new user registrations. If you need any assistance with this, please contact us at any time via Help Center.

  • Microsoft (MSN) policy: MSN (hotmail,,, etc) doesn't not allow following email activity:

- New user registration notifications;

- Comments via Scripts;

- Newsletters and Mailing lists even with "unsubscribe me" link;

- Email forwarders via cPanel.

Any bulk email sent via SMTP or PHP script will be held in Mail Queue for manual review. It won't go anywhere to ensure good server reputation and prevent blacklisting issues.

Thank you very much for cooperation and understanding.