You can manage your website via FTP, SFTP and Shell. If you wish to upload or edit existing files securely, we do recommend free FileZilla FTP Client.

How to connect your website via Secured FTP

1. On the top of FileZilla app, please select "File > Site Manager > New"

2. Type your domain name on the left window then put your server ID like in the right window under "General" type.

3. Please leave "Use explicit FTP over TLS if possible" then on the bottom input your username and password. 

cPanel username and password can be used for FTP as well unless you're connecting to subdomain name or addon domain name.

For addon domain names, please use and password. You can create additional FTP users for Addon accounts via cPanel > Addon Domains. Please don't forget to create to select "Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain" on the bottom. There you can specify desired username and strong password.

Please do not create own passwords! You should always use password generator tool provided by cPanel.

If you cannot connect to your website via secured FTP, please drop a ticket with your ISP IP under "Technical Support". We'll add your IP to firewall bypass list. If your IP is dynamic, you may use SFTP (recommended) or regular FTP (not recommended). For SFTP, please provide domain name and username to cPanel. Please do not provide any passwords!