IP block request (firewall): how many usable IPs in IP range?

Modified on Mon, 22 May 2023 at 02:46 PM

Any NYhost.net customer may request an IP block on hardware or software firewall level. What is "bad IP"? It could be annoying bot, visitor or malicious activity from specific location. We can block one IP, bunch of different IPs or entire IP range or block of IPs (up to /21). Please note: in case of IP block, we have to verify network reputation, ISP, logs etc. to prevent connectivity issues.

At this time, we accept IP block requests within following IPv4 ranges:

1 IP = 1 IP

/30 = 4 IPs, 1 usable IP

/29 = 8 IPs, 5 usable IPs

/28 = 16 IPs, 13 usable IPs

/27 = 32 IPs, 29 usable IPs

/26 = 64 IPs, 61 usable IPs

/25 = 128 IPs, 125 usable IPs

/24 = 256 IPs, 256 usable IPs

/23 = 512 IPs, 509 usable IPs

/22 = 1024 IPs, 1021 usable IPs

/21 = 2048 IPs, 2045 usable IPs

Please note: we do not block countries, search engine bots, regions, ISPs etc. IP block normally lasts for 1 year and may be removed earlier by network administrator.

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