How to request free malware scan and vulnerability report

Modified on Mon, 29 Nov 2021 at 07:49 PM

If you believe that website got compromised or need to check WP or Joomla plugins, themes etc., you may request free malware and vulnerability report via Help Center > Malware Scan.

If you have shared web hosting account "Home NYC" or "Unlimited NYC", you may request 1 malware scan per month, free of charge. If you have reseller account, you can request up to 4 malware scans per month free of charge. Each additional scan will cost $5.00 (one time fee).

Note: this feature isn't available on all servers yet. It's possible that your server doesn't support malware and vulnerability scanner. 
Vulnerability report provided "as is", without any warranty. You must keep your PHP scripts, plugins and themes up to date.

Malware and vulnerability report FAQ

How long does it take to scan my website?

It normally takes 30 minutes. If you have large website (over 10GB of data), it may take up to 4 hours to complete manual scan.

I believe my MySQL data base got compromised too. Are you going to scan it?

No, we scan all static content inside public_html folder only. If you believe that MySQL data base got compromised, you should request account restore.

Do you scan email?

Sorry, we do not scan email.

Are you going to remove viruses and malware?

We'll provide malware and vulnerability report only. You or your webmaster must clean up website within 48 hours after malware report.

My account got suspended right after malware scan. What is going on?

We may suspend account immediately if we find defaced content or other critical events. In such case, you can request site restore ($10 fee) or public_html folder removal (free of charge).

If I request free public_html folder removal, would it affect email users and MySQL?

It won't affect email nor data bases. We'll remove all static content inside public_html folder only.

Can I request full cPanel backup prior public_html folder removal?

Yes, you can ask us to preserve backup data prior public_html folder removal. However, compromised content cannot be used for account restore. Do not upload compromised data back to the server!

Malware report indicated few viruses and vulnerable Joomla installation. Technical support gave me 48 hours to remove infected content and upgrade PHP scripts. Unfortunately, I am on vacation, what would you recommend?

In this case, we do recommend immediate account suspension. Viruses, malware, illegal software, phishing content and hacking tools cannot be hosted on our servers per Terms.

Is there automatic solution to keep website up to date and avoid malware events for good?

Unfortunately, there is no automatic solution. You must keep an eye on plugins, themes, PHP versions, backup data etc. If you run Wordpress website, please check this article.

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